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What we can do for you

From bespoke fundraising strategies, growing your digital fundraising appeals, lead generation campaigns, amplifying your community fundraising events, engaging donor journeys, creative content that will stop the scroll or growing your bequest pipeline through digital engagement we can take your digital fundraising to the next level.  


Check out our success stories below across all areas of digital fundraising:


Acquiring high-value leads to grow your donor support base


Creating integrated digital appeals that will acquire and convert supporters to your cause


Grow your digital fundraising program with an ‘always on’ approach across multiple digital touchpoints


Activate your base and acquire new supporters through a community fundraising event with a well-executed, cost-effective, digital campaign to drive fundraising


Scale your Gift in Will program by acquiring new bequest prospects and confirmed bequestors through powerful and targeted digital advertising and activities.




Sydney Sick Kids Appeal 2021


In 2021, we helped Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation brighten up dark times for sick kids, bringing Sydney together for a new annual event: The Sydney Sick Kids Appeal.


To unify all of Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundations entities under the one event, we sought to go to the heart of what makes the organisation special: the children whose lives are brightened everyday by the Foundation. 

Across paid social, Google, and EDM, we told the stories of little patients helped by  Bear Cottage, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, and the Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Service. We also provided organic strategy, as well as support with web page design.


A smash success, the Sydney Sick Kids Appeal raised over $6M, of an original $3M target. 

$560k raised online alone - the most ever for SCHF.
ROI of 5:1 for paid social, 10:1 for SEM, and the highest amount raised from EDM in the organisation’s history.


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Annual Tax Appeal 2022


New Zealand-based medical research organisation, The Malaghan Institute were looking to break into digital for their 2022 Annual Tax Appeal, and reduce their reliance on a traditional, mail-acquired supporter base. We were asked to formulate the digital strategy, develop messaging and creative executions, and manage the two-month long campaign.


Starting with the simple idea that ‘Your donation is the key’, we established the Malaghan Institute in the digital space as a world-class medical research organisation dedicated to providing better treatments, with fairer access to all New Zealanders. This unifying idea was spread across paid social and EDM, and was reflected on an updated Malaghan webpage for the appeal.


With an original target of $200k, the appeal went above and beyond to raise a record-breaking $250k -  raising double their previous tax appeal income
2.5 ROI for paid social

  • • Massive social engagement for the paid social campaign - 239k reach with  5.60% CTR resulting in 145 donations at a CPA of $32 - expanding Malaghan’s digital supporter base through a mixture of warm and cold acquisition.

  • • Finalist for the FINZ Awards 2022 - winning Highly Commended for Best Individual Giving Campaign

Gifts in Wills

Gifts In Wills


Gifts in Wills Program 2022


Since 2021, we have been working with Children’s Hospital Foundation Queensland to develop their Gift in Will program. Digital was the perfect option to engage their existing GIW prospects and acquire new ones.


From the initial development of Gift in Will messaging and propositions suited to the digital environment, to the creation and rolling out of a range of paid social campaigns, we have provided comprehensive support to Children's Hospital Foundation Gift in Will program. 

Paid social activity has been tailored for all levels of awareness, from top-of-funnel engagement campaigns, to lead generation and bespoke survey campaigns - all supported by a solid foundation of website optimisation and journey planning.


For the 21/22 financial year, we have helped generate for Children's Hospital Foundation’s Gift in Will program:

  • 646 Gift in Will leads - qualified through Facebook Lead Forms and external Surveys with an estimated future value of $3.3M

  • 136 Gift in Will booklet downloads

  • 275% increase in the number of confirmed Gifts in Will with an estimated future value of $3M+

  • 173% increase in the value of estates received. 

In total, this has led to over $6 million in estimated future income for Children’s Hospital Foundation.


Gifts in Wills Program


Garvan Institute of Medical Research needed a new way to acquire leads for their Gifts in Will Program. Since 2020, we’ve helped deliver those leads across digital channels and grow their Gift in Will program online - reaching audiences familiar and new to the Institute's work alike.


We have worked extensively with Garvan to map out their Gift In Will supporter journeys, identifying key areas for improvement and digital integration. 

To generate valuable Gift in Will leads, we have used a combination of Facebook lead forms and designed supporter surveys. While to engage and build awareness, we have run website campaigns, driving large numbers to a bespoke Gift in Will landing page.  We have developed and tested a range of creative angles, all while keeping Garvan’s missions at its core: a healthier future for all Australians.


So far (Sept 2022), we have generated for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research’s Gift in Will program:

  • 3.2k+ Gift in Will leads - qualified through Facebook Lead Forms and external Surveys.

  • 303 Bequest Brochures downloaded

  • 606 Wording for your Will guides downloaded.

In total, this has led to $26 million + in estimated future income for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Community Fundraising

Community Fundraising


WaterWalk 2022


The event asked participants to walk 7km a day, for 7 days in March, to bring clean drinking water to children affected by war in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan. Unexpected challenges arose when severe floods broke out in Sydney in February, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine in that same month shifted the public’s and UNICEF Australia’s focus away from other fundraising activity.


Paid social for the WaterWalk event was developed and rolled out in three phases:

  1. Create awareness

  2. Drive registrations

  3. Activate registrants

Messaging focused on the ease of signing up to the event, and the real impact participants would have on the lives of children in crisis, using real case studies of children from Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan to establish a personal connection. Incentives, such as event-branded bucket hats and t-shirts were also highly successful at generating registrations.

After the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, messaging was shifted to incorporate UNICEF Australia’s work in this area as well - children living in and fleeing Ukraine also in danger of lacking clean drinking water. 

Throughout the campaign, we also provided UNICEF Australia with strategic support; collaboratively building an event landing page, feeding into EDM content and journeys, and editing video content for use in paid and organic socials.


In the face of floods in Sydney and war in Ukraine, we nonetheless delivered an integrated social campaign with a positive ROAS for UNICEF Australia.

  • Smashed all lead generation targets - generating over 1.9k event leads at a $6 cost per lead.

  • Brought in 623 registrations directly from paid social.



Bob ‘Tug’ Wilson’s Walk for Kids with Cancer 2021


In May 2021, Sydney, lockdowns were far from a distant memory, and people were just starting to go out and about like they used to. So, would they be willing to participate in a large-scale event like the Bob ‘Tug’ Wilson’s Walk for Kids with Cancer? A 27km walk from The Rocks to Manly. The Children's Hospital at Westmead were up for the challenge, and so were we.


We developed and managed paid social in the 6 week lead-up to the event, in addition to providing strategic support with organic social content. 

We tested a range of different messaging angles, overcoming lockdown-hesitancy by framing the event as the perfect opportunity to get out of the house after so long - “Tired of the treadmill?” 

It was also important that crucial event information, such as dates, locations and activities were communicated clearly, and were reinforced through every ad.


Originally, paid social ads were planned to run until 21 May - two days before the event start. However, the campaign went above and beyond expectations, exceeding all KPI’s and filling event capacity early, meaning the ads had to be turned off! In total, paid social alone generated:

  • 111 event registrations at a $79 cost per registration

  • 46 direct donations valuing $5,928.

In total, the event went on to raise over $223k for sick kids!

Lead Generation



2-step Regular Giver Acquisition


To continue leading the way for breast cancer research in Australia and New Zealand, Breast Cancer Trials needed a digital lead generation program, which would effectively raise awareness around the issue and the organisation,  and turn that awareness into conversion - increasing the number of digitally acquired regular givers. We have been working with Breast Cancer Trials to develop this program since August 2021.


‘How much do you really know about the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian women?’ This is the question at the core of the lead generation program we have created for Breast Cancer Trials. In collaboration with creative agency, Exuberance, we developed two lead generation propositions:

1. Understand your Breast Cancer Risk Guide
2. Breast Cancer Myth-Busters Quiz

Each proposition was fleshed out with a range of paid social ads, and  EDM follow-up comms - creating a journey from lead to Regular Giver. Throughout, we have worked closely with Breast Cancer Trials, and telemarketing agency for the campaign, Unity4, to ensure that ad performance aligns with overall program objectives.



With over one year in-market, this lead generation program is still going strong. Paid social ads have been directly responsible for generating so far:

  • Over 26K supporter leads at an average $2.60 cost per lead - well below industry benchmarks. 

  • Helped recruit over 600 donors (Cash/RG) at healthy CPA and retention metrics. 


Digital Growth



Digital Growth


Since 2021, we’ve been supporting Plan international Australia in their mission to create a just world for all children, and equality for girls. Managing all paid social channels and Google SEM Paid and Grant accounts and providing digital strategic support. 



From appeals to always on, seasonal promotions, emergency campaigns, and lead generation - we have supported Plan International Australia in the development, execution and management of numerous integrated digital campaigns. Keeping an eye for the bigger picture, we have created cross-sell opportunities and expanded the organisation’s digital presence across Facebook, Instagram and Google. 

Our work with Plan International Australia is closely collaborative - beginning at the conceptual level, all the way to final execution, we have worked with the team to align digital channels with brand strategy.



Compared to the previous year (since October 2021) we’ve helped Plan International Australia achieve:

  • 50% increase in digital income.

  • 63% increase in website conversion rate.

  • Improved SEM results significantly - both Grant and Paid

  • Their biggest Tax appeal ever - raising just shy of $400K - $90K above their original target.

Digital Growth


Audience Engagement Project


First Nations Australians make up around 2% of the Australian population yet represent 28% of the national prison population - Victoria based not-for-profit The Torch is working to change that. Between 2020 and 2021 we were asked to help The Torch with an Audience Engagement Project - evaluating their supporter base, developing digital strategy, and increasing online income.


Through an extensive audit of The Torch’s audience, including market research surveys of over 700 people from The Torch’s email database, we developed three distinct audience personas: the ‘Art Buyer’, the ‘Make a Difference Millenail’ and the ‘High Value Donor’. With each persona we also developed a tailored supporter journey to maximise conversion. 

Building on this knowledge, we identified opportunities to improve The Torch’s website user experience - from the shop front to the donation confirmation page - and developed advertising propositions to cater to each of three audience personas.  



In stepping outside of The Torch’s usual paid social activity, which had previously only centred around signature annual exhibitions, we connected The Torch with untapped audiences, ready and willing to convert. Directly though paid social we generated:


  • 33 purchases 

  • $19k additional income at a 7:1 ROI

  • 3.7k link clicks to The Torch’s website


From a small amount of media spend, these very promising results show the potential for future always on Campaigns run by The Torch. Also by incorporating learnings from this project TheTorch has continued to grow sales from exhibitions and improve its marketing and fundraising significantly. 



‘Jeremy and the team at Bigfoot have been amazing to work with. From day one, they felt like an extension of our team and have been incredibly proactive and responsive. With their support, we were able to take our campaign to the next level and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them.’

-- Jennifer Trigg,  Community Fundraising Specialist, UNICEF


-- Diane Baartz, Community Relationship Manager, Children’s Hospital Foundation

‘Through creativity, and innovative thinking, Jeremy and the Bigfoot team have helped increase the number of confirmed bequests by 275% and grow our Gift in Will program significantly by acquiring and engaging bequest prospects through digital channels’

'It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bigfoot. We knew we were in safe hands when they immersed themselves in our story and vision, and swiftly produced a detailed plan and timeline of what was needed to achieve our desired outcomes. The most impressive part of their campaign was the paid advertising on our social media accounts. After creating a number of adverts and intelligently-segmented lists to use, Bigfoot proceeded to test and measure like I’ve never seen before – rounds and rounds of testing different images, text and concepts – each time getting closer to the adverts and the customers that were going to have the biggest impact. The results and level of engagement blew us away - we had by far the biggest exhibition success to date. We are excited to engage in their services again soon!'

 - Gordon Watson, Operations & Marketing Coordinator for The Torch

'Jeremy Bennett has an incredible flair for digital fundraising with a proven track record in successfully leading digital campaigns to achieve growth.  He understands the trends, tactics and tools critical to making investment in this fast moving area payoff and invests time and energy to ensure he keeps abreast of the latest innovations within the space. His laid back and yet professional manner make him a joy to work with. I’d highly recommend engaging with Jeremy to help drive your digital fundraising success!'


 - Ruth Wicks, Senior Consultant for More Strategic (formerly Amnesty International Australia)


'Jeremy demonstrated his strategic prowess and excellent project management skills during his time working with Amnesty Taiwan. He is one of the key drivers, who brought Amnesty Taiwan fundraising program to a new horizon i.e. 400% income growth in 2018 by establishing a successful digital fundraising program, coaching the team and supporting the growth of face to face and telemarketing.  It has been a real pleasure working with Jeremy, his professionalism, integrity and sincerity are admired and beyond question.'

 - Daniel To, Asia Regional Fundraising Manager for Amnesty International

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